Senior Whole Life Insurance

“Why didn’t I get more life insurance when
I was younger...and when it was cheaper?”

If you’ve ever said that –
now you’ve got a Second Chance

AFA is pleased to partner with United of Omaha Life Insurance Company to provide you a second chance; an opportunity to get up to $25,000 of whole life insurance.

Guaranteed Acceptance
AFA Members in good standing are guaranteed acceptance, regardless of health. No health questions will be asked and no medical exam is required. Your premium will never increase because of your age or your health.

Your Guaranteed Life whole life insurance will be issued if you are age 45 to 85. Your acceptance is guaranteed and your application is pre-approved. (If you already have policies of this type through United of Omaha, you may own a combined maximum of $25,000.)

60-Day Free Look
A 60-day free look assures you that if you change your mind within that time you can return your policy. You’ll get all your money back. It will cost you nothing, not one single penny.

Summary of Guaranteed Benefits

  • Up to $20,000 of graded benefit whole life insurance that builds cash value. GUARANTEED!
  • Guaranteed Acceptance regardless of health. GUARANTEED!
  • No physical exam or health questions to answer. GUARANTEED!
  • Affordable rates. No rate increases. Ever! GUARANTEED!
  • Benefits are never reduced because of age. GUARANTEED!
  • Protection to age 100 when benefits will be paid in full (less any outstanding policy loan). GUARANTEED!
  • Pays regardless of any other insurance you have. GUARANTEED!

It’s so easy to get this important protection, it’s called Guaranteed Life.

Click here for full details and a pre-approved application.